What on earth


Today has been one of those days where instead of asking, “What on earth am I doing?” it’s more like, “What am I doing here on earth?” I have this tremendous sense that I’m not getting something very important, and it bothers me, not enough that it keeps me awake at night, but enough that I find I’m not content with things as they are.  I suppose that’s just God stirring things up a bit (something He’s been doing quite a bit of lately).  After all, we’re not meant to be truly content down here where we spend the majority of our time looking “through a glass dimly.”  I wonder sometimes if when this happens it’s simply a matter of a heightened awareness to the loss of time, which is a created thing and which shall one day disappear.  Can’t quite wrap my peabrain around that one, though I try anyway.  We were made to wonder, after all.  If we had no questions we’d never go looking for answers.  And wouldn’t life be boring without questions?


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