I have an increasing desire to simplify my life.  I believe it first started when I returned home from my first trip to Africa in 2003.  Going to any third-world country will change you, and it had a definite impact.  I have way too much “stuff” and that “stuff” requires my time and attention and money to keep it insured and, well, dealing with my father-in-law’s estate, I’m determined to begin downsizing.  It doesn’t help that I’ve brought a TON of pictures home and they’ve taken hours and hours to sort.  I’ve become the family historian, I suppose.  So anyway when we’re done with all the estate business (probably winter???) I’d like to focus on my own home so my kids don’t have so much to deal with when we die.

Here’s one guy who’s taken simplification to the extreme. It’s an interesting article and gives you a lot to think about.  There is something freeing about the way he is living, but I don’t think I’ll go quite that far in my efforts to simplify :)


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