When change comes


Change is something that is feared by many people, which really doesn’t make much sense considering that it happens constantly and nothing in life ever stays the same (and would we really, truly want it to?). Indeed, it’s as much a part of living as eating and breathing and sleeping. It is never a question of if things will change, but when. Everything changes or will change to some degree (if you live long enough). Still, there are times when a large change looms on the horizon of our otherwise peaceful life like ominous storm clouds which threaten to rain on our parade. It doesn’t matter that the ground is dry and needs the rain, that in order for growth of any kind (especially spiritual growth), storms are necessary and often a source of great blessing (which we will eventually confess…in hindsight, of course :)

That said, there are storm clouds on my horizon, and while I know the coming storm is necessary, I have an enemy who doesn’t fight fair. His first attack came through my feelings (which is almost always the first offensive). When I focus on how something makes me feel, things almost always go downhill…fast (feelings can be so unreliable). It took a few days, but I finally whipped them back into shape and told them to shut up, that if they even so much as open their mouth to speak I’m sticking a sock in it and slapping on a piece of duct tape! Now is not the time to feel. Now is the time to have faith. So yeah, that was the second attack: faithlessness. I wanted to pull a Jonah and run away. Far, far away. Certainly God couldn’t be asking me to do this, could he? Of course I know better and have been through this particular lesson more times than I’d care to admit (one doesn’t make it through three years of church splitsville by running). Now wouldn’t be a good time to run. Finally, there’s the fear approach. Bring up all the reasons why I can’t do what I may be asked to do (mind you, I said “may be asked to do”). After banishing the what-if monster and “casting down imaginations”, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must cross no bridge before its time :)

I’m not free at this point to speak of what is precipitating “the big stretch” that lies ahead, but I am (oddly enough) kind of excited about it (kind of). Now’s a good time to remember past stretches, which involve growing pain but usually leave me with a new perspective on God’s love and faithfulness. I know I’ll get through this, but I want to make Him proud. And I want to make someone else proud, too. I just can’t tell you who that someone else is just yet :)


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