Pushing Back Darkness


I’m taking a break in the middle of a very busy day (at the start of a very busy week) to post a link to a blog by a team from 4HIM which is currently in Sierra Leone. There are a couple of organizations which have been helping Wellington Orphanage in Sierra Leone, and 4HIM (out of Oklahoma) is one of them. In fact, when a small team from our church went in January, Rev. Mansaray used a vehicle donated by 4HIM to drive to the different locations. They have drilled wells, built schools, and sponsored orphans. I’m sure there’s more, too. I’m thrilled that there are other groups contributing to the ministries started by Rev. Mansaray and The Lord’s Mission Church. There are so many needs in that country that there truly can never be enough giving. In fact, it can be discouraging because you might feel that what you’re giving isn’t doing any good, but it is! Even small gifts go a long way over there.

Recently 4HIM drilled some wells and built a school in Rokobop. As the team was traveling over last week, they received a phone call telling them that the building and wells had been destroyed by a mob. The government investigated and found that it was a group of Muslims paid $25,000 to do this by Hezbollah with the consent of the local Imams. I am praying that the government takes swift and strong action.


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