Spring housecleaning


Okay, so we waited until the last day of spring to do our spring housecleaning! At least we did it!!! There’s something about having company over that makes us do a better than average job of cleaning. Since the weather was rainy today, I couldn’t do some of the outside painting I’d planned to do, so Kevin and I focused on the inside and cleaned for hours and hours and hours. The result is one very clean house!!! We need to have company over more often :) In this case it was a missionary couple from Brazil who Kevin met when he went on a missions trip six years ago. They came along with two of their children and their spouses. Amazing how fast time flies. Seems like only yesterday he was on that trip.

I was hoping to upload some pictures to Facebook, but Matt and his friend are in his room playing video games online which means I’ll be in deep doggy dudu if I go that route (they get a lot of “lag” when I do that). ~sigh~ Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Until there isn’t.


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