Getting it done


What is “it”? A few batches of brownies for tomorrow, the video to be shown at the viewing as well as organizing the pics on a flash drive, and tackling the chores–wash, banking, grocery shopping–life goes on. God’s grace is a wonderful thing and is carrying us through, though at times I’m ambushed by tears. I’d never really listened to the words in “The Days of Wine and Roses”, but as I’m picking music to go with the slide show I did. “The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play through a meadowland toward a closing door, a door marked ‘nevermore’ that wasn’t there before.”

Yesterday was Kevin’s birthday. The card came that I mailed from his dad’s house on Saturday. It’ll be the last one he receives. Kevin’s writing a tribute to be read at the service. I’m not sure at this point who will be reading it. He doesn’t think he can, and though it’s been suggested that I do it, it would be very difficult. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, heavy at times. Matches how I feel inside :(

I just went and read some of the condolences posted online at I saw that word used to describe him again: kind. He really was a gem and touched a lot of people’s lives. Since his mother’s passing three years ago we always said, “Love you” when we said our goodbyes. I called his cell phone the other day just to listen to his voice. “You know the routine,” it said, though now that routine has changed forever with his passing.


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