And just like that


…life changes forever.  An ordinary day, really.  Perhaps a little busier than normal, but ending well, with a very enjoyable writers’ group meeting.  It poured all night and I had to drive really slow on the way home.  First thing I did when I got in the door was head to the basement.  Sure enough, water was coming in.  Kevin came down and started to suck it up with the shop vac when the call came from his brother.  My father-in-law’s neighbor had called to say there was an ambulance next door and they were “working on him.”  As soon as we were able we hightailed it down to Lancaster General Hospital and met up with the rest of the family.  He didn’t look too bad, although the breathing tube was an adjustment.  We were informed he was stable and were generally given a good prognosis.  Then he was moved to ICU and after a half hour or so we were allowed back in.  This time, however, we had a nurse who told it like it was, i.e., not good.  Not responsive.  Pupils fixed and dilated.  In other words, “say your goodbyes.”  I don’t know how long he’ll linger, but I hope to make it back again and talk to him some more.  Perhaps he can hear me.  I know when they stuck him to draw blood he reacted to the pain.  Other than that, pretty much nothing.  But miracles can and do happen, so I’ll pray for one.  I’ll also pray that he won’t live on as a vegetable–he would have hated that, but he had no living will to prevent it (and they don’t always work either).

He was to be remarried in September.  His fiance was there tonight with her daughter.  She’s staying with him through the night, in fact.  I’m glad they had some months of happiness together.  I often wondered how I’d feel if he decided to remarry, whether or not it would somehow be disloyal to Fran, his first wife who died over three years ago, and whether or not I could be truly happy for him (for them!).  And I found out I could be, and am…or was.


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