The Sound of Music


A few nights ago we were flipping channels and The Sound of Music was on.  It had been a while since Kevin or I had seen it, and it was enjoyable to watch again, although I found some things had changed (not in the movie, obviously, but in me).  The first thing that jumped out at me was the Captain’s turmoil with what was going on in his homeland, Austria, on the eve of the Second World War.  I didn’t pay much attention to that before, I think because I’m a hopeless romantic and had always been wrapped up in that aspect of the movie.  But with all that’s going on in my own country (and really around the world), I found myself identifying with the Captain and watching the movie with a new set of eyes.

I am more realist than idealist but am no chicken little and don’t appreciate when anyone attempts to spread fear of any kind (btw this includes the Republican Party in the last Presidential election).  That said, I am not worried about the economic collapse or the future.  God’s already there waiting, and the longer I live, the more this earth loses its appeal.  This isn’t home.  Gotta work while there’s light, though.  Anyway so yeah, there’s that sense of big change coming and things never being the same again.  We needed to be shaken up though, and what God shakes up He intends to clean up.  Things are going to get interesting, among other things :)

So the second thing that jumped out at me was when Maria was singing that song that went, “but somewhere in my wicked childhood, I must have done something good.”  Definitely some bad theology going on there, lol.  The real clincher was “nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever will” (or something like that).  Ex nihilo! I cry, having just heard a sermon preached that morning on that very subject.  Now if she’d have sung, “Something comes from nothing, something always will” then I could have agreed with her.

Of course, now Kevin has another reason to go to Vermont (the real Von Trapp family started the first resort in Stowe many years ago).  Of course it’s not as if anyone really needs a reason to go to Vermont.  You go because it’s there :)


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