When pictures up and disappear


It’s not as if I didn’t know it could happen, because as recently as March it did. While on vacation in Vermont, Kevin and I went into an old church which had been converted into an art gallery, and I had a great time taking pictures. The next day the pictures were gone.

Yesterday we had a family get-together and I took some pictures of my father-in-law and his fiance (his first wife passed away three years ago). They’d hoped to get reprints made and send them out with their invitations. I got some pretty good ones, not just of them but the rest of the families. Today I showed them to my oldest son and his wife because they weren’t able to be there. They had no problem viewing them. Later we went away for an hour and I took a few more pictures. But when I came home and got ready to email yesterday’s pictures to my future step-sister, they were gone. And not just them but others, including pictures of the El Shaddai concert last Tuesday and of the Forum (I had some great shots). All gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.

I think it’s the stick. Once I transfer these pictures I’ll put a new one in. If it happens again then I’ll know it’s the camera and will send it out for repairs. But what’s lost is lost. It’s a sick feeling when you go to retrieve them and they’re not there. But even as I whine about this I’m reminded that if this is the extent of my “troubles” I have no right to complain. It makes me sad, yes, but put into perspective, it is nothing. I am blessed. God is good.


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