What now?


Well, I made it through April, managed to write a poem a day with a group of other writers at The Waters. Of the thirty or so written there are may be three that have some potential. So basically for every ten poems I write one is a keeper. Wow, I need to work on that ratio :)

What have I learned from it? For starters that I can make myself write more and do not always wait for a wave of inspiration (as I was wont to do) because it doesn’t always come at first. Of course I knew this already but it was good to have it confirmed yet again. Also, there was some reservation on my part to post everything knowing that some (most!) of it would be drivel, but I recognized that voice as coming from my pride, something I do battle with, and this was a great opportunity to take the offensive for a change :)

I wrote a sestina this month, a form I had shied away from for years. It turned out to be great fun (and if you know me then you know that is a huge motivator to me!). Won’t be the last time I wrote one of those! I also wrote a poem for my husband and for the first time in ten years of writing watched him get excited about something I wrote, so much so that he immediately sent it out to a bunch of his friends (sure am glad I kept the rating “G” :). The fact that it was about our marriage may have something to do with that, lol.

I also got to know a great group of poets at The Waters. Not only are they gifted writers, but they are devoid of egos! I learned a lot from them and hope to become a regular over there. I am a firm believer that “hanging out” with others writers, reading and critiquing their work, is a source of great inspiration.

So what now? As I try to slip back into “normal” life the first order of business is to catch up on some things which fell by the wayside this month. I’m still trying to gather pictures and video for a YouTube clip of my poem “Africa”, and there’s always the chapbook project (I’ve completed the prototype, but mass producing them is another story, as they are hand-assembled because of their piano hinge binding.) And then there’s the novel I never finished. This past Thursday I went to the local writers’ group meeting and a lady there asked about it. She keeps asking, and so maybe I’m thinking it’s time to get back to work on that. I’m a little hesitant to be sucked back into so much time in front of the computer again, but maybe it wouldn’t take as long as I think. Stay tuned :)

What I really want is to figure out what God wants me to do next because being in the center of His will is the best place to be because that’s where Love, Joy, and Peace reside, the recipe for happiness (regardless of circumstances!). I believe He’ll show me if I keep asking. It’s a shame the way some words in the Bible were translated. Take that familiar passage about ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be opened, seek and ye shall find. The better translation would be “keep on asking, keep on knocking, keep on seeking.” Keep on keeping on. Somehow you knew this would turn into a sermon, didn’t you? :)


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  1. So, I was just wondering which 3 poems you thought had potential… I haven’t been over here (on your blog) for some time… but I’d like to read the ones you liked…

    Keep on keepin’ on :-)

    • If you asked Kevin, he would definitely say Day 8 :))) That was a lot of fun to write but won’t end up published anywhere (not that I expect the others to be!!!). I’d like to do something with the Lancaster County haiku (spread out over the last week of the challenge), maybe take a trip back home and photograph the scenes described (some of which would be difficult because they don’t usually allow pictures to be taken).

      I wrote two riddles (Days 12 and 20). Can you figure them out? I think you’d appreciate “The Question” (Day 22) and “Afikomen” (Day 7). Also, “Friend” (which should really be entitled “Facebook” lol) is one I plan to rewrite. Also I wrote two “dieter’s sonnets” (Days 13 and 15) which could be fun (if I do more).

      Guess I have more here than I thought…although nothing with a lot of weight to it. I’d like to be able to write of weighty issues but I’m pretty much a lightweight. :) Thanks for checking in!

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