NaPoWriMo 28


Today’s contribution: a sestina (my first!)

Crossing the Line

I’ve almost made it to the finish line
which seemed so far away, so out of reach
at first, but I kept working anyway,
and now I find I’m in the final stretch!
Hard to believe, but it is looming there,
and I have come too far to give up now.

I have to keep on writing, do it now!
Just think of something quick and write a line
to get the juices flowing. Surely there
are many different forms to help me reach
my goal, though some are hard, are bound to stretch
me more than most (I’ll do it anyway).

Today’s prompt: a sestina. Any way
I look at it, it’s work. Okay, so now
I have to choose six words. Hmm, I’ll pick “stretch”
because that’s what this month has done, and “line”
(I’ve written lots of those) and maybe “reach”?
And “now” and “anyway” and I am “there”!

Well, technically I’m not–I’m halfway there,
but who is counting stanzas anyway?
(There are six of them.) First, I must reach
the goal to write the one before me now.
Hey, look at that! Amazing, how each line
just wrote itself! That’s not much of a stretch.

If I desire, I can choose to stretch
the form by breaking rules (I find that they’re
restrictive, and it’s fun to change a line–
like what I did with “they’re” and “any way”).
But I digress–the task before me now
is finish this one then go on and reach

for one more stanza. What, there’s more? I reach
the end then do a three-line envoy? Stretch
myself a little more? I would, but now
I’m weary of this form, and don’t think there
is any point in going on. Any. Way!
Perhaps I’ll ask if you can spare a line?

I know I’ll reach the end of this, will stretch
a little more right now. I’m almost there
and will find any way to cross the line.

Patti McCarty 2009


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