NaPoWriMo 22


The Question

“Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.” – Mark Twain

I always thought myself ready to learn,
although sometimes I don’t like being taught,
especially when lessons involve pain
of one form or another. Yet I know
when I am ready, that is often when
the Master will show up to challenge me
and stretch my heart so it never again
returns to its original dimensions.

One day stands out to me because of what
I learned about the character of God.
You see, I had a prejudice of sorts.
Of course, I didn’t see it like that but
the fruit was evident, maturing to
the point where it was ripe for harvesting.
It happened this way: I was pondering
a certain sin which was to me a “ten”
and I was struggling with how to deal
with it, how to relate to those who chose
to see it as a zero in their book.

Of course they must be wrong, for I knew God
condemned what they were doing in His Word–
the Testaments, both Old and New, affirmed
that fact, so I was right (and being right
is where it’s at–or so I used to think).
The thought occurred to me that God is not
like me–respecting persons, grading sin.
There is no scale by which He labels one
offense as being worse than others;
that is something we as humans do.

So as I tried to come to terms with this,
my agitation grew until I found
that I was growing madder by the minute.
“Let me get this straight,” I said to God.
“You’re telling me to overlook their sin
and love them where they’re at despite the fact
that I find what they do appalling,
is that what You’re expecting me to do?”

That’s when I heard a voice out of the blue:
“Why not,” He said, “that’s what I do with you?”

Patti McCarty 2009


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