Two years ago I participated in National Novel Writing Month’s challenge to write a 50,000-word novel during the month of November. I got off to a late start but managed to do it! Today is the first day of National Poetry Writing Month’s challenge to write a poem a day. I’ve often thought about it but have never gone for it. Well, this year I’ve decided to go for it. Considering the fact that my chapbook (which is the sum of my writing for the last ten years) holds less than 30 poems, you can see this is quite the undertaking. I’m proposing to write in one month more than I’ve written in the last ten years! Am I nuts? Not totally. The chapbook is the collection of my “finished” (as much as a poem can ever be called finished) poems. This challenge will probably result in a lot of poems being stuffed in a drawer. But even if I get one good one out of it, it will be worth it. So with you as my witnesses, I shall endeavor to post a poem a day, no matter how bad they may be.

Today’s is the result of a writing prompt to write a “definition” poem. Here goes:

against prep. 1. in opposition to: As in, she stared silently at the mirror, fighting against the urge to cry. 2. toward so as to come in contact with: She felt the clippers, cold against her head. 3. opposite to the course or direction of: He worked swiftly, moving upward against the tears which were falling on her cape. 4. in contrast with: It rests, tones bright against the tile floor. 5. next to: He sleeps against her, arm draped around her shrinking frame. 6. in preparation for: She is eating again, gaining weight against the next round.


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