Back home again


We had a great vacation, but it’s always good to be home. Our best day of skiing was Friday, and the conditions at Stratton were perfect. So perfect, in fact, that when I found I’d taken a wrong turn on a trail and was at the edge of what looked like a cliff (a double-black diamond) with no way out but down, I went for it! And it was a lot of fun and easier than I thought it would be to get down. Had the conditions been like earlier in the week, I’d have been stepping out of my skis and walking down (although that probably wouldn’t have been possible–it would have turned into a slide down that slope!). So I have a new favorite place to ski, and hope to go there again next year.

And now it’s time to settle back into the routine. The trees are budding (they weren’t when we left) and I heard tree frogs, which to me herald spring even more so than robins (though there are plenty of them as well!). Crocuses are popping through, things are beginning to green up, and soon the forsythia will be in bloom. I do love spring. So much promise :)

Went to church this morning and it was good to see everyone. Our pastor is still in the hospital with what is believed to be a parasite picked up in Africa. He’s been home for two months and they still haven’t been able to identify what it is and help him (or the other man who was stricken with the same thing). So today a man from the local pregnancy center spoke and shared some sad stories, like the young woman outside the abortion clinic who was trying desperately to throw up because she’s taken the RU-486 pill and had changed her mind. She ended up losing the baby and now is struggling with guilt. Then there’s the 13-year-old girl who was relieved to be told she wasn’t pregnant, but was told she has two sexually transmitted diseases (and her parents don’t even know she’s sexually active). I know abstinence training is believed by some to be foolish, but I’ve always thought if you give people the facts then they can make wiser choices. Besides, it’s better than the false assurance that condoms equal safe sex. At one local high school a guy turned in the anonymous interview form and said something to the effect of: “Because of this training, all the girls have decided to wait to have sex until they get married. Thanks a lot.”

Wow, this post is all over the place. Guess I’d better quit or there’s no telling where I’ll end up :)


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