We took the day off yesterday. It was raining and our legs were tired, and the rest was just what we needed for today. After raining the day before, temperatures dropped quickly overnight and things froze up fast. Only 34 trails at Stratton were open this morning, and they were still grooming as the day went on. Some of the trails were in better shape than others (I’m not much of one for skiing on golf balls, lol). As the sun got higher, things softened up a bit, though the temperature at the top only warmed up to 13 degrees. A large section of the mountain was closed because they’re holding the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship next week and they’re doing some major work. Unfortunately some of the best runs were out of commission. But we’re heading back tomorrow, and hopefully things will be in better shape than today. I’m thankful I didn’t fall. None of us did, actually, and that’s a blessing, especially after Monday! Here’s a pic from our first run of the day, down Mike’s Way, with a view of Bromley in the distance.



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