Mount Snow & Bromley


We went skiing at Mount Snow on Monday. It had snowed through the night and continued to snow while we were there. It was the first time I’d ever skied in what the locals called “heavy, wet snow.” My husband insists it was powder, but whatever you call it, I had a very difficult time adjusting to the conditions and fell three times before finally getting comfortable leaning back on my skis. Skiing that way uses a different set of muscles, and I wore my legs out. Tuesday Kevin and I went to Bromley, a smaller mountain about an hour away. Matt stayed back because he had a tremendous crash on his last run the day before and was pretty sore. He’d have loved Bromley. They had it groomed to perfection, packed powder that cut like butter! I had to adjust back to a more aggressive style of skiing (which I’m more comfortable with). The top of the mountain was shrouded in fog, which was different. For a while the fog hung just at the top and you could see the sun trying to burn through, but then it got cloudy. We would have probably stayed much longer than 1:00, but I hooked an edge and took a tumble, twisting my right knee a bit, so I called it quits. I’d like to go back there sometime. They have a great deal on Tuesdays, throwing in lunch with their $39 lift ticket.

Today it’s raining and it’s just as well. Give the bod a break before we hit Stratton on Thursday and Friday with friends who joined us for dinner last night. Hope the conditions are good. I don’t like it when everyone has to wait for me at the bottom, lol. I think we’ll do some driving around today, hit a couple of shops and maybe a museum. The week’s half over already. Vacations sure go fast!



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