A week a Vermont


It used to be that all of our vacations were taken in summer. Since we got into skiing things have changed. Last year was the first time we came north, staying near Killington, but this year we opted to stay at the Crafts Inn in Wilmington. For those of you who haven’t been turned on to skyauction.com, you need to sign up and pay attention! Every few weeks they have as their deal of the day a certificate for a week’s vacation at a condo for $299. When we purchased the certificate for this one it was on sale for $199. So we get to stay in this cool place, complete with kitchen, swimming pool/sauna, wi-fi, game room, laundry. Anyway, you have to snatch those certificates up when they are put up for bid because they go fast. You have a year to use them (you don’t have to pick your location right away) and can take your choice of probably a thousand or more resorts. Saves us a lot of money making our own meals, and it’s nicer than a motel. So there, my advertisement for the day, lol.

Anyway we got here yesterday afternoon and settled in, but it rained hard last night, so we opted out of skiing today. (I’m not much into spring skiing–the slopes can get like mashed potatoes!) But we’re supposed to get snow tonight, and it’s going to be much colder, so things should set up nicely. Hopefully it won’t be too icy tomorrow. We did go to Mount Snow today to watch the “Jack Jump” race, wherein you basically take an old ski and weld a seat to it somehow and (you guessed it) ride down the mountain. Are these guys (and gals!) crazy or what?


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