Rise and come forth…


“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me…”  is a familiar passage.  I remember years back when I became a Christian asking a devout believer if God still speaks (audibly) to us today.  Though I can’t recall the exact words, in a nutshell the answer was no. I knew I’d heard His voice (it is unmistakable) on one occasion, and should have disagreed, or perhaps begun seeking another church in which to grow where their view of what God does and doesn’t do wasn’t so restrictive and “safe.”  I can look back now and see those were my first steps into a form of religiosity, though I blame no one but myself, and only wish it hadn’t taken me years to find my way back.

I believe He still speaks audibly to us today, but in other ways as well.  Take this morning, for instance.  I frequently wake up between three and four in the morning, look at the clock, pray for whoever comes to my mind, and roll over and go to sleep again.  But this morning God kept waking me up.  This happens sometimes when I get extremely busy and don’t take the time through the day to spend in His word and in prayer.  He just gets me up a little earlier than usual because He knows I need to start the day off right and not only that (and here’s the kicker), He wants to spend time with me!  In fact, I’m convinced He longs for that with each of us, but for some inexplicable reason we choose to muddle our way through our days in our own strength.  But I degress….

I’ve come to recognize that God will use whatever means is at His disposal to get my attention.  He is very creative, and as every person is unique, the way He speaks to me will probably be very different than the way He speaks to you.  But do we have ears to hear?  This morning, after the all-too-frequent tossing and turning He did something I’ve only recently come to recognize as more than coincidence (and because He is the ultimate DJ):  He played the chorus to a song I’m learning in the choir I belong to.  You guessed it, the chorus is, “Rise and come forth!”  He still breathes life into the dead (tired, that is :) and says, “Get up!”  And I did.  And I marvel at His patience and His love for me and wish I could express just how awesome He is and how much He longs for you to know Him too….


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  1. “I’ve come to recognize that God will use whatever means is at His disposal to get my attention. He is very creative, and as every person is unique, the way He speaks to me will probably be very different than the way He speaks to you.”

    I love these words! The great thing is that God has every means at his disposal :-) It was actually contemplating the Shack that drove me to recognize this truth, that God is pursuing us and uses “whatever means necessary” to communicate to us His love for us.

    God has woken me up in the middle of the night several times (I’m a very heavy sleeper, if I’m wide awake for no apparent reason at 3am, something’s up). The first two times this happened was in my latter years of high school and I look at those two nights as the time in my life where I developed a love for scripture. The book of Romans at 3am is great!! :-)

    There are other ways in which God speaks to me… and the more I listen, the more ways I hear His truth spoken into my spirit.

    • We just finished a good Bible study among the ladies at church (Priscilla Shirer’s “Discerning the Voice of God”). One of many things I read which really struck me was that God doesn’t speak to be heard, He speaks to be obeyed!!! There have been times when He has spoken and I have not obeyed (usually by doubting that I really heard from Him). Brings to mind that passage about being faithful with little and more will be added. The more we obey, the more we hear. But how much do we really want to hear/obey? I have to confess, I have a deceitful heart. There’s still a big part of me who wants to be boss even though I know how disastrous that is. But God. (Don’t you just love those two words? :) He doesn’t ever give up on His children, and for that I am very grateful. And as I become more like a child I am being filled again with wonder, and that is how we should live–in a state of wonderment!

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