Times have changed


It’s discouraging listening to the news anymore.  This morning NPR was interviewing people looking for jobs at job fairs, where you might have a dozen openings and a thousand applicants.  You can hear the despair in people’s voices as they tell how they lost jobs for one reason or another and how there are so few jobs out there.  And it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

My youngest son has been trying to find a job.  Actually he had a possibility a couple of months ago but turned it down (and now wishes he hadn’t).  But it was something that would have stretched him out of his comfort zone, and he lacked the confidence.  Funny thing about confidence is that it takes doing the thing you’re fearful of to build it.  I think he’s coming to understand that.  So who’s going to hire someone with little to no experience?  He’d like to go to college in the fall, but so many are graduating now and ending up flipping hamburgers that it makes me wonder if it’s even worth it.  Times are changing so fast that it’s hard to guess what jobs will even be available two or four years down the road.

I was surfing blogs the other day and came upon one by a young man also graduating this year.  He expressed some concern for the future as well.  I left a note and tried to encourage him.  I think young people need all the encouragement they can get.  Hard times have the potential to build strong character.  I hope these hard times do just that in my son.


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