No more solos


I thought I was ready and could do it, but still shook like a leaf and barely got through the song, Nichole Nordeman’s “Gratitude” at the end of today’s Sierra Leone presentation at church.  I guess that’s okay, because it is an emotional song and maybe it added something to it.  But I think I’ve pretty much decided that’s it for going solo again.  Don’t seem to have trouble when singing with others, just can’t do it alone anymore.

But anyway the presentation went well, this despite the fact that one of the team members is still very sick, still in the hospital, still doesn’t know what’s wrong (though by his symptoms it sounds like malaria).  Pastor was released yesterday and is doing much better.  They never did diagnose anything, but his doctor told him that if it’s malaria he’ll see him back in a week (that’s not very comforting!).

At the end of the service today Kevin got to finish what he started in Africa.  Right before he left he washed the orphans’ feet and those of his African brothers and sisters and teammates–all but one pair, that is.  That one was our Pastor’s, whose feet were so tore up from the baptism at the beach and the volcanic rock that he didn’t want to introduce any germs into those wounds.  So he ended his presentation today with the story about what he did over there and then said there was one pair of feet he didn’t get to wash, and then proceeded to step down from the podium and wash Pastor’s.  He didn’t tell Pastor He was doing that ahead of time (Pastor might have asked him not to and so it was better not to ask :)  Anyway between that and the song, it was an emotional double whammy, lol.  All I can say is God was there, and it was all good.

And now I’m going over to the neighbors to watch a bunch of cars drive fast and turn left.


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