Is it malaria?


Two of the four men who went on the recent missions trip to Sierra Leone are in the hospital.  I am thankful that so far Kevin seems to be okay.  The symptoms for both started around the same time and could very well be malaria, which hospitals in the U.S. are slow to diagnose.  It is quite possible it is some other tropical illness (take your pick) as these two participated in two baptisms in water that I’m certain was polluted.  To make matters worse, they did so with cuts on their feet from the previous day’s baptism in the ocean, the floor of which had some volcanic rock making it like walking on knives.  (Kevin showed me his feet when he got home, which were mostly healed but were tore up pretty badly.)  In fact that is precisely why Kevin stayed out of the water at Kono, but our Pastor and this other man didn’t.  I’ve emailed our contact over there to let them know and to see if they are okay but we haven’t heard from them yet.

This Sunday is the joint presentation at our church, and it is moving forward in spite of this.  Kevin’s working on his part (a report on the orphanage) and he may very well have to do Pastor’s.  I hope not, but I guess time will tell.  And I keep finding myself awake at 3 and 4 in the morning wondering what’s up with that….


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