Unseasonably Warm


No skiing today!  It got up to 65 degrees.  The birds think Spring is here, and perhaps it will come early, but I hope not quite yet!  We still have some ski passes to use up, and we haven’t gotten “the big one” yet.  (You watch, it’ll come really late when I’m finally ready to embrace Spring :)  It was enjoyable being outside today.  I got a lot done and then took Matt over to HACC to pick up some information, to Borders to buy him a book and finally to Kohls for jeans.  He’s a typical male and hates shopping but I made him do it because his favorite pair is wearing thin.  And no shopping trip is complete without a stop at AC Moore and Marshalls on the way home, lol.

Supper’s in the oven, so I’ve a few minutes to play.  I cleaned my desk earlier and that helps me think much better, so now would be a good time to work on some poetry!.  Better set the timer on the oven first, or I’ll lose track of time and burn dinner!

Editing back to share the fruit of my labor, an entry for the Right Arm Haiku Contest at Mount Snow in Vermont:

my right arm is gone

used it to pay for new skis

extra pole for sale


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