If Shakespeare Were Amish


I wrote a poem a couple of years ago which was published on the Web today.  It’s my take on what Shakespeare would have sounded like had he been Amish.  I have more reason than most to wonder, because my grandfather was at one time Amish, but when it came time to decide whether to join the church he left that way of life and became “English.”  I’ve often wondered how different my life would be if I were Amish.  A dozen years ago I was in a musical called “Plain and Fancy” and got to wear Amish garb.  I was surprised not only by how comfortable it was (they use no zippers and hold things together with straight pins), but also by how feminine I felt in it.  The Amish women who loaned us their dresses came to the show every night and loved it!  I guess they don’t have much in the way of entertainment.  No TVs, no phones, no computers, no fax machines, no radios.  There are times when that sounds pretty good to me, lol.


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