I need another Saturday


This one went too fast.  Always does when it involves a trip to Delaware for a family function, this time for my niece’s 11th birthday party.  I wanted to stay home in the worst way, yet I know it’s important to go to these events, not just for the bonding but because some relatives are getting up there in years and will be gone one of these days.  Still, I’m turning into a real homebody.  I don’t want to go anywhere lately, I want to stay at home and write or read or just relax.  I don’t find traveling to be relaxing at all.

I did take my books along and tried to work on a villanelle for a local poetry competition, but it was too noisy and I compose better on the computer than on paper.  Villanelles really aren’t so hard IF (BIG IF) both repetends come to you right off the bat.  Of course that doesn’t usually happen, lol.  Maybe I’ll get to work on it tomorrow….


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