Where have all the good snows gone?


This winter has been a strange one.  It snows but before it ends it turns to ice.  I thought for sure the one that just passed through would be different, but it wasn’t.  Despite this my husband the eternal optimist (who had taken the day off work) decided we should go for it and travel to Blue Mountain on this our appointed Wednesday (we have a six-week pass).  So we leave at six and as we traverse the countryside the snow turns to sleet, but we keep going.  Cars and tractor-trailers have spun out everywhere, but that doesn’t stop us either.  Three-and-a-half hours later (it took much longer to get there) we arrive.  It’s raining by now, so we just took our bagels in, bought a cup of coffee, and sat upstairs in the lodge.  There were some diehard skiers and boarders out there, but we couldn’t really see them because the glass windows were iced up.  We decided it didn’t make sense to use one of our passes when we were sure the conditions weren’t so great, so we turned around and came home.  Six hours of driving and not even a run down the mountain!  Major bummer.

Or was it?  I got to spend the day with my husband and son, and I treasure those days.  They won’t always be here.  In fact I was thinking of that song “Time in a Bottle” on the way home and how transient life is.  There is no way to “store up” the good times we have together.  They are here and they are gone.  Hopefully there will be more, but even then they can only be enjoyed momentarily as life whizzes by.  And I wonder how eternity will be different, living in “now” instead of time that’s constantly ticking away.  My little brain can’t even begin to get around that one, but still it tries.


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