When 44 degrees feels warm


It got up to 44 degrees today.  You have to understand that it’s not gotten much above 20 or so for the last couple of weeks, so today felt like a heat wave!  But it’s all relative.  A young family from our church is going on a six-month missions trip to Alaska (he’s a doctor and she’s a midwife).  This time of year it’s probably 44 below up there!  They are leaving in a couple of weeks and have already sold or given away most of what they own.  Their three children (and one on the way) are already “roughing it” and sleeping on the floor.  Their house is up for sale, and when it goes they will own nothing but the few suitcases of goods they’re taking along with them and the clothes on their backs.  They are what the Bible calls “rich toward God.”  What an adventure!  I think I shall send them a care package in advance.  The nights are very long and cold this time of year, and one can never have too many blankets :)


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