That perfect fifth


So I wake up this morning in the usual way (clock radio tuned to NPR) and it starts off with a story called “Mosquito Duet Leads to Love.” Of course I’ve just spent my first night alone in a long while and I’m thinking about Kevin in Africa and all the mosquitos there and how much I love him, so I’m listening up and lo and behold there it is, the perfect fifth played by mosquitoes!  If you weren’t interested in clicking on the link and reading (I’d suggest you listen instead), then I’ll tell you that for centuries composers considered the interval of a fifth to be the most euphonious, a sort of guarantee of romantic success (think “Feelings”).  And then the interview fades out to the mosquitoes and they fade in Feelings, and, well, I guess you had to be there.  I love starting my day off with laughter.

Then I go to work and am typing the Responsive Reading to be put on the screen on Sunday morning and after I’m done and am proofing I realize instead of typing “Refuge” I’ve typed “Refuse Under His Wing” and I’m cracked up again because yeah, God sure puts up with a lot of garbage from me and still keeps me “under His wing”.  Wouldn’t that have been embarrassing?  lol

I arrive at home to find an answering machine message that the guy I wanted to read my poem going in The Chimaera this month can stop by in an hour.  So I call him back and go set things up and he comes and we do a few takes.  When Matt came home from school he took the files and added some sound, wrapped it up, and I sent it off to Paul Stevens.  (I’m hoping it’s not too late to be put in….)  Encouraged at how well that went I decided to make some contacts to see about making a YouTube video of Make Mine Darjeeling.  Stay tuned on that one!

It’s been a good day.  I’m up late, yes, but hopefully that means I’ll fall asleep faster.  And I’m certain I’ll do so with a smile on my face :)


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