Time to get on the stick


Kevin left today for Africa.  It’s been a few years since he’s gone on a trip.  The last time (2005) I came home from the send-off seriously down and so about an hour after I got home I knew I had to do something to snap out of it and started to tear out the kitchen (no, really, I did!)  Don’t let your woman touch a crow bar when she’s depressed, lol.  The good news is it got mostly put back together before he came home two weeks later.  Of course now that he’s on to me, I’ve been forbidden those kinds of renovations, so I’ve decided to behave myself and maybe just paint the bathroom instead.  We’ll see.  Interestingly, I actually spent some time writing this afternoon and it felt great.  I’d be just as happy to spend every spare moment in the next ten days doing that instead of painting, but inspiration is unpredictable and I don’t know how long it’ll stick around.  Sure is fun to dance with God again though.

I have decided to get on the stick and start working in earnest on producing my chapbook.  I lent it to Matt’s English teacher over Christmas break and she dropped me this note today:  “I loved your poetry book.  I read it once at home and intended to get through it a second time here at school, but time was fleeting and lots to do.  I had several favorites which I thought were so clever.  However, Matt came and got the book and I did not write down the titles.  So many of them were unique: The Vegan and Dr Seuss, the Amish one, Katy Did, darn it, I wish I had the table of contents here.  The illustrations were matched so well, too.  And the fortune cookie slip at the end.  What creative ideas!!!  I felt honored that you allowed me to take home for 2 weeks such a personal treasure.”

Needless to say, that was a MAJORMUNDO shot in the arm!!!  Yep, time to get serious.


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