It starts


I went Christmas shopping today.  Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, because the stores were pretty full.  That could be because some stores aren’t waiting for Black Friday to lure shoppers.  One of my favorite retailers had a buy-one-get-the-2nd-for-a-buck shoe sale today.  And if you spent $50 they gave you a $10 coupon good for anything over the next four days (no minimum purchase, woo-hoo!).

For the past five or so years I’ve done the Black Friday thing, getting up ultra early, standing in looooong lines in very cooold weather until they opened, and then fighting the crowds (which are usually pretty civil) only to wait in more looooong lines at the checkout.  I believe it’ll be worse this year as everyone is looking to stretch their dollars even farther.  But I’m almost done shopping, so perhaps I’ll pass and actually sleep in on Friday.

Unless, of course, there’s a deal too good to resist!


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