A couple of weeks ago I attended a dinner and got into a conversation with a local vet who’s lived in the county for 50+ years.  He told some funny stories, and I encouraged him to write a book.  Then I told him I’d help, if he wanted, at least to get it down on paper (because I type like a fiend).  I gave him my email address but haven’t heard from him.

Today I got into a conversation with someone else and he brought up the same offer I’d made to him this past summer (he and his wife have taken in disabled children for years and have wonderful stories to share about God’s faithfulness through it all).  Anyway he wondered if I was serious, and I told him I was.  I told him I’ve never done it before but a good start would be for them to get a microcassette recorder and start dictating.  I could transcribe and we could go from there.  Whether or not I’d be involved in actually putting the book together and editing is another matter, but I’m more than willing to help get the project off the ground.

I haven’t been writing much poetry lately, so why not?  Guess time will tell!


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