The Nothing


I think the movie was called “The Neverending Story”.  I don’t remember the characters’ names anymore, but I do remember that they were fleeing “The Nothing” which was swallowing up their world.  I’ve had my own “Nothing” which has been swallowing up my past.  The thing is, the past it is swallowing is not so far away anymore; it is actually quite near and evidences itself in some interesting ways.

If I let it, it could scare me just how forgetful I’m becoming.  A month or so ago I reached for a particular word, eloquent, and it wasn’t there.  There was simply an empty space where it once was stored.  “You know, when someone is articulate or well spoken,” I said in vain.  “Eloquent,” my friend said, and I was instantly relieved.  “That’s it!” I exclaimed, snatching it back from the edge of The Nothing.  I’ve reached for it since and it’s been there, perhaps closer now because of that episode of forgetfulness.

But it’s not just words, my feelings and emotions have been affected as well.  For so many years I’d locked away memories that now when I do finally try to go back and figure some things out I find they, too, have been swallowed by The Nothing.  Perhaps it’s just as well.  I’ve always believed in living in the now.


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