A week from today


We’ll know who our next president will be (unless of course there’s a recount somewhere, though I highly doubt it will be that close).  I found an interesting article today which concerned me, as much for its content as for the further confirmation that the media picks and chooses what it reveals about a candidate.  I guess I’m not alone in that assumption either, because the link I followed to get to this article had a poll in which the question was asked whether or not I believed the LA Times would release the video before the election, after the election, or never.  After I voted the current results were displayed, and I discovered that I was the 15,148th person to take the poll, 6.16% believed it would be released before, 26.31% after, and a whopping 67.53% believed it would never be released.  I’m not surprised by the results.  There will be other things which leak out from time to time, but probably not until after the election.  By then it won’t matter.


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