Singing again


I joined a chorus a few weeks back (El Shaddai Singers) which practices on Monday nights. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed singing in a large group. What makes it even more special is the director’s effervescent style. Her faith is very real and it’s not uncommon for the practice to be peppered with prayer and praise. I’m learning a lot from her, and I don’t just mean about the music.

Anyone is allowed to join this group, and I mean anyone. You can be tone deaf and join (but hopefully not sing too loudly!). Many of the folks have been singing for the 20 years of its existence and there are lots of gray heads as I look around. Some of them can hardly walk, and I wonder how on earth they’ll be able to stand for a two-hour concert. Then there’s the issue of reading music. I’m an alto, but during one song last night it was just easier for some of the ladies around me to sing the melody (it is a difficult song). That’s not a problem for me. In fact, one of the things I enjoy is when our director tells us to get off our seats and go mingle in a circle around the room. I instantly head for the sopranos or some of the men’s sections because I love to harmonize.

I’ve been to performances of many choirs over the years, but there’s something different about the performances of the El Shaddai Singers. When the heart is involved, the songs truly become worship and God shows up. That happened the one night when we were in a circle singing. When the omni- drops from present, you know it :) The more that happens, the more I long for Him, and I can hardly believe there was ever a time I thought heaven must be a boring place, you know, praising God all the time and all that stuff. I mean, wouldn’t that get old?



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