A day off


Why is it that when you have a chunk of free time you get less done? It feels so good to relax, especially following a busy weekend, but I know that if I don’t get moving soon I’ll look back and wished I’d have not wasted it. So far this morning I’ve done my homework for the Beth Moore Bible study I’m in, done one load of wash, uploaded more wedding pics to Facebook, sent an email to a young friend in need of encouragement, and now I’m here talking about the need to be productive. Guess as long as I’m here I’m not being productive!

I did manage to write a poem on Saturday in a new form called a “Snapshot” (created by Mary Boren). It’s written mostly in anapestic meter, something I don’t do very often, but it was a fun exercise. Click on the title if you want to see the image that inspired it!

Sneaking a Kiss

They said I do!
Then when the guests had adjourned
Tyler and Mary returned,
took a seat to the right
of the altar; their eyes
peeked at one who would capture the sight


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