All too quickly


…the big day is over! But what a day it was! The weather was absolutely perfect! The ceremony was so sweet. Yes, I cried, but it was at the beginning when “The Prayer” was being sung. I pulled it together after that :) The bridal party entered to a beautiful rendition of “Be Thou My Vision” and the bride came in to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”. Mary (who always wears a million-dollar smile) was just beaming! I so appreciated her father’s blessing on them as well as the good advice to never say to another person, “My spouse just doesn’t understand me.” Pastor had a great message, and their vows were said very clearly. You could see in their eyes how seriously they took them as well as the depth of the love they have for each other. Of course there comes that moment of veil-lifting and the public smooch, which lingered somewhat and led to double dipping (which made everyone laugh). More laughter came with the wedding recessional (Mendelssohn’s wedding march), because it turned out to be the Louis Armstrong version (I think from “High Society”). It was so them :)

The reception was terrific. The kids prerecorded all the music onto their iPod. I think I’d like to get a copy of that playlist. The food was very good but I was too distracted to eat. Their first dance was to “What a Wonderful World.” The cake cutting went well–no smashing it into each other’s faces, although the pieces were big and Ty got some of the icing on Mary’s face when he put hers in, and before she had the chance to wipe it off, he planted one on her and smeared it all over the place, lol. It was cute :) I had a good time dancing with my husband. Lots of video and pictures were taken. Lots of memories were made. And then it was time to go.

Today I put the video onto a DVD and guess what? My camera, which is eight years old, began to give up the ghost yesterday. When Mary stepped into the church, the sound cut off. When they left the church, it came back in. We are hoping that someone else taped it and we can dub the sound back in. It is disappointing, and I should have expected it. That camera has been to Africa four times and shot hundreds of hours of video. I should have gotten a new one of those instead of the still camera. But that’s hindsight, and I try not to look backwards too often. I’d rather take the half-full approach and say at least it didn’t die completely and I still have the picture!

They invited us over for dinner tomorrow night (they leave for their honeymoon on Wednesday). I hadn’t expected an invite so soon, but I’m not complaining! I am way overblessed :)


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