Wedding Eve


It’s the evening before my oldest son’s wedding. Again I find myself amazed at how fast time flies, how something which seemed so far off is suddenly here (and will soon be gone). Life is passing just as quickly. I’m already 50 and it just seems like yesterday that Tyler was tugging on my apron strings.

Rehearsal went well last night, and afterward we took the wedding party & their dates/spouses to Ruby Tuesdays. Today we went shopping for a new digital camera (my old one broke), so I have to learn how to use it pretty quick! Then we went for an hour-long ballroom dancing lesson with the wedding party, where we worked on the waltz, the fox trot, and the rumba (alas, no tango…). It should be a lot of fun tomorrow at the reception. As for the wedding, from what I saw last night, it will be short and sweet but packed full of meaning. I’m going to encourage these two to take the vows they wrote, frame them, and hang them on their wall. Once a week (at least) they should read them and ask each other how they’re doing. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in building a strong marriage :)

I’m trying not to have too high of expectations about the day, but I’m sure there are some which are hiding. They’ll be unmasked when I suddenly discover that I’m disappointed about something. “Aha!” I’ll say, “there you are!” and I’ll have to proceed to slay what it is on the spot because I know from past experience if I don’t it could spoil the day.

I know I should get to bed soon as I didn’t sleep well last night (too much food and too much excitement!). Hopefully tonight will be better!

Until next time!


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