Busy is an understatement


Someone told me once that if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done. :) Well, the last two weeks have been my “last minute”. I’ve been working on putting together “The Wedding News” for my son’s wedding this coming Sunday. We got the idea from her aunt, who did this years ago when she got married. So rather than hand out a wedding program everyone fiddles with during the ceremony anyway, I volunteered to make this newsletter which will be handed out at the reception. It’s turned into quite the undertaking, but it is coming together nicely. Still, I wish I had more time–I could have added four more pages! When it’s done maybe I’ll find a way to post it here as a PDF. It’s a great idea whose time has come.

Funny, though, how I’ve been so consumed with it that everything else has fallen by the wayside–blogging, the poetry boards I frequent, cleaning :) I listen to NPR when I wake up and that’s about all the news I get, though I realize times are becoming more and more troubled. Reminds me of the days of Noah. Things are falling apart and the world’s about to be hit by both natural and man-made catastrophic events, yet folks are still going about their daily lives, oblivious, and are “eating and drinking…marrying and giving in marriage.” Life goes on until it doesn’t, at which point it truly begins.

I had a great talk with a Christian brother yesterday. We’re both in agreement that the coming persecution against Christians in this country is in many ways well deserved. Who’d have thought having an Evangelical Christian in office would in many ways set the stage.


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