Family Trees


My silence is due in part to the poem below. You see, my eldest son is getting married soon and I’m working on a “Wedding Newsletter”, one page of which will be devoted to the family tree. I decided to take Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees” and rewrite it for the occasion to put on the same page. Here’s the finished (I think) product:

Family Trees
after Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
a better branching family tree;

a tree whose lineage is blessed
as Reed conjoins McCarty’s crest;

a tree that trusts God to provide
and stands with arms held open wide;

a tree that may in winter bear
the burden of another’s care,

whose roots are strong, whose fruit will feed
its kith and kin and those in need.

Poems are made so fools like me
can thank God for their family tree.


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