I have, until now, pretty much kept my mouth shut about the upcoming elections, choosing instead to watch and listen, and trying my best to sort through what’s being reported (or in some cases not). There was a time when things were more cut and dried (or perhaps they just seemed that way). I’ve hesitated saying anything and, well, I haven’t been asked (nor do I expect to be). I suppose that must be because 1) my opinions carry little if any weight, 2) people pretty much have their minds made up already, or 3) they know I’m a Christian and therefore automatically assume what my vote will be. In actuality, 1) I’m trying to hold very lightly to my opinions because I have learned over the years that they tend to change with age and experience and besides they’re quite divisive, 2) a lot of folks are just looking for an argument when I’d rather have a discussion, and 3) I believe a man’s actions carry more weight than his words. So like I said, I’m watching, and listening, and keeping an open mind. At some point I will need to make a decision, but I will not be rushed into it.


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  1. Great post. So many Christians are divided in this election for various reasons. I have chronicled many concerns I’ve had regarding Obama and now Palin at http://www.mulloverthis.wordpress.com. This will be the most difficult election for many believers for a plethora of reasons. Glad that you are sober in approaching your responsibility as a voter. Best regards.

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