Joining the 21st Century


I tried to figure today out how many years we’ve gone without television.  It’s been at least seven, because we had to go elsewhere to see coverage of the 9/11 attacks.  If I recall correctly we’d dropped cable when our TV went out years back and we didn’t have the money for a new one right away.  We got used to living without it, and to tell you the truth haven’t missed it much.  We get our news from the radio, newspaper, and the Internet, and rent movies when we have a hankering to watch something.  It was always a treat when we’d go away to watch TV, especially the Discovery Channel, and we’d occasionally thought about getting it again.

I got a call today from Embarq offering free cable for a year.  Of course that’s not completely true–there is a fee, though nominal, and you really don’t want to cancel early or you’ll be socked with other costs–but it seemed like a good deal and Kevin said to go for it.  So tomorrow they’ll come hook it up and we’ll get to see what we’ve been missing for the last eight years or so.  Part of me looks forward to it and part of me says it’s just another thing which will work to steal our time, that most precious of commodities.  I guess time will tell.


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  1. HI – My name is Jenny and I work with the Embarq customer outreach team. Congratulations on getting television with Dish/Embarq. That is a big step for you it seems. If you have any questions about your service or billing, please do not hesitate to email me at I will be more then happy to make this a good experience for you.

    Jenny R
    Embarq Customer Outreach Team

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