It feels like a Friday


…but it’s only Monday.  Not a good thing to start the week exhausted.  If there were tse tse flies on this continent I’d swear I’d been bitten by one because all I want to do is sleep!  Not sure why I’m so tired.  Okay, I worked like a crazy woman on Saturday and then spent yesterday outside in the heat all afternoon so that might have something to do with it.  Still, this is more than physical tiredness.  I’m mentally tired, too.  I need a deeper rest than can be achieved by some additional time spent in a horizontal position, lol.

“To whom much is given much shall be required.”  That verse has been weighing on me lately.  I don’t feel as if I’ve been a good steward of the abilities I’ve been given as a writer, and the fact that my writing has dried up in recent months confirms that something is amiss.  Perhaps my priorities have (once again) gotten mixed up and need to be rearranged.  So I suppose I’ll start with the obvious, putting my house in order.  When my surroundings are cluttered my mind tends to be as well and this den is a mess.  But first I think I’ll take a power nap :)


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