High School


Well, we did it.  Tonight Kevin and I took Matt down to the Open House at West Perry.  He’ll be taking English 101 (a college course for which he’ll receive credit) and Pre-Calculus.  He’s also allowed to participate in other classes, activities and clubs, although we’re not even sure what is being offered at this point.  The teachers and staff were all very nice, and we felt welcomed which surprised me a bit.  It wasn’t too many years ago that there was an us-and-them mentality (which went both ways) between the public school system and homeschoolers, with the latter denied participation in anything at the schools.  He’s being given more freedom than I would have expected, and is genuinely excited about this opportunity.  Of course he’ll be sure to schedule his lunch for the same period his best friend has his so both of them can escape “the drama” as his friend puts it.  Oh yes, this will be a good experience, lol.

At his age, school was my home.  My dad had been gone for a few years, my mom struggled to support us and had withdrawn, and I basically lived at school.  I was involved in sports and clubs and plays and was blessed to have had some good teachers who helped me along the way.  I hope my son has the opportunity to make some new friends and is influenced in good ways by them and the teachers he’ll be learning from.  He can’t graduate from there because they don’t recognize homeschool credits, but that’s okay.  He’ll still have the experience, at least for a little while, and it gets him out of his room! :)

There may be those who feel we’re making a mistake, but it’s a good sign that Kevin and I both believe it’s the right thing to do.  When God gives peace it’s usually for a very good reason.  That doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly and bad things may not happen, because that’s just not how life works.  But we refuse to live in fear.  He’s a young man and we’ve done our best to “train up a child in the way he should go” and it’s time to let go so he can learn to fly on his own.


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