The Poke and Prod Years


Had a checkup today.  The usual unpleasantries women have to go through along with a script for a mammogram (thrills) and a colonoscopy (ugh).  Yep, you hit 50 and they nail you with that one!  Well, I’m not quite there yet so I begged off for another year and they let me, although it’ll be just postponing the inevitable.  I’d forgotten I needed to have blood work done and wasn’t as hydrated as I should have been (which makes it more difficult for the phlebotomist to be successful), so after the young lady’s first try at chasing my slippery veins she called in another young lady with more experience who didn’t look much older.  That one was finally able to plug into a vein after a little fishing that made me queasy.  I suppose I should expect a birthday card from the AARP soon inviting me to join their auspicious ranks!  Funny how I still feel like a kid inside….


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