The Vacation Phenomenon

Our Home Away From Home

Our Home Away From Home

There’s probably some scientific name for it, but I’m certain there’s some kind of time warp that happens around vacations or other events you look forward to for so long.  They’re here and gone in a flash and you find yourself wondering if you ever really left.  Here I am sitting at my desk, again, and the week at the shore is over!!!  Noooooo!  To make matters worse, we only made it to the beach twice!  We would have three times but no sooner got things set up on Friday when a fast-moving T-storm moved in and chased us back to the truck.  I really enjoyed yesterday and wish I had a couple more days to kick back.  Kevin and I took our bikes to Cape Henlopen State Park again and rode around and then spent some time on a surf-fishing beach (much less crowded).   Last night we literally hung around in the hammock listening to the cacophony of nocturnal insects and watching the fire do its thing.  Occasionally a toad would hop on by (a frequent occurrence–and they always went the same direction, hmmmm).

I guess it’s good to be back home.  Yeah, it is.  Nine phone messages and 50 emails later it’s as if we never left.


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