Midweek Moment


Matt needed to send something to a friend on the Internet so we found a library in Lewes.  Thought I’d pop in and give an update.  Not much to say really.  The weather has been great but though we’ve been here four days now we have yet to make it to the beach!!!  Hopefully we’ll go when we’re done here.  Yesterday would have been the perfect day, but we got company (Kevin’s brother and son came up from Fenwick Island).  Today at some point Tyler and Mary are coming down to join in the festivities, so things will get a little more crowded.  The week is going fast, that’s for sure.  In no time it’ll be back to the same old same old.  That’s actually a good thing :)


I’ve been doing some reading, but haven’t written at all, though there’s a line that’s been begging me to use it for some time so perhaps I’ll give that a shot later.  For one used to composing on the computer, however, I haven’t successfully made the switch back to pen and paper, but there’s always hope!  Because the campsite is in a heavily wooded area, we weren’t able to get Dish, so we’re restricted to local channels.  Of course we get everything but NBC, so I’m missing the Olympics and all of Michael Phelps’ gold-medal runs!


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