Two down, three to go!


Another busy day with the girls!  I dropped them off at the camp today and went to the church to do some work, then had to run Matt somewhere and pick him up two hours later, after which I went back to camp.  When that was done, we walked to the house of a lady in our church who lives nearby where we proceeded to dig up a flowerbed.  The father of one of the girls brought a small trailer load of top soil and mushroom soil, and we proceeded to make a pretty nice bed.  The hostas, ferns, and lilies that we dug up at Dottie’s last night are ready to be planted once she decides where to place them (but that’s the easy part!).  After dinner we went back to that lady’s house for ice cream sundaes.  Now the girls are showering up and soon we’ll hit the sack.  They should be pretty worn out after all that work, but they seem pretty chatty tonight.  Oh well, at least I got a good night’s sleep last night!  Tonight we’re to get thunderstorms, which should be interesting.


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