Boot Camp


Each summer, our church had what they called “Boot Camp” for the teens.  They’d spend the week together working on service projects and at night would camp out.  Last year got skipped, and this year it looked as if it was going to be again.  Since I knew there were a few girls who had waited years to participate (you have to be 14 or older) I didn’t want to see that happen, so I invited them to come stay with me for the week while they helped out at a local Good News Camp each day.  Yesterday was the first day and went well, despite very little sleep then night before (I’d forgotten how much energy young people have when they get together!!!).  After the camp we went to visit one of the ladies in our church and she put the girls to work picking beans.  Then we had supper, they got showers, and we had a time of sharing.  Fortunately last night they were tired, so we were in bed by 10:30.

It’s morning and going to be another hot day!  After camp today we’re headed to a different lady’s house to dig up a flowerbed for her and plant some flowers, etc.  I hope the weather holds this week because most of our evening activities are outdoors.  Here’s a pic from last night.

The girls and Dottie

The girls and Dottie


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