Barking at Embarq


Seems as if every couple of months this happens, my email goes down for a few days.  I finally broke down and got into an online chat to see what the problem is.  Of course I get the “our engineers are working to fix the problem as soon as possible” line.  Funny how disconnected I feel without email.  I still have my yahoo account, but friends and family use the other one.  Hope I’m not missing anything important, although I doubt that would be the case.

In other news I helped a friend clean her house this morning.  Actually it’s not hers yet–settlement is tomorrow on the old one and the new one.  She got a call an hour or so ago from the mortgage company saying the one she’s buying is appraised too high and they weren’t going to finance it without another appraisal.  Why on earth do they wait until the last minute to throw a monkey wrench into things?  They’ve had four weeks to come to this conclusion!  She has to be out of her old one by tomorrow night.  It would be something if they were only putting the minimum deposit on the new one, but they’re borrowing less than half its value!  Crazy times.


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  1. Hi my name is Jenny and I work with Embarq online support team. I know it is very frustrating not to have access to your email. We are working extremely hard to get the email back to its top level. At this time a majority of our mail system has been restored. If you would like I will research your email status and provide you with an update. You can email me directly at Thank you for your patience in this issue, and for being a valued Embarq customer.

    Jenny R.
    Embarq online support team

  2. Wow. I’m impressed! And yes, my email is back up. I’m thankful at least I had the internet, so I really shouldn’t have complained. But it’s nice to know Embarq is concerned about PR.


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