Back already!


Okay, I came home a couple of days early, but I had a good reason.  Matt had his wisdom teeth out today, and that’s the kind of thing moms need to be home for.  I’m glad I was, too, because basically after surgery he’d have just been dropped off and the “drop-er” would have gone back to work leaving the “drop-ee” on his own.  Excessive bleeding is something he’d have had a problem with by himself.  I think it’s finally getting under control (after six hours!).  He is getting rather chipmunkish, lol.

The beach was fun.  My sister and I had a good time.  The surf on Monday was monstrous so I stuck to land.  Yesterday we went to the bay side (more my speed, lol).  I did manage to burn my foot on Monday.  I’ve never had that happen before (from the hot sand) and it made for a lot of hobbling around on Tuesday.  I read a couple of books, but I didn’t get any writing done (I need a keyboard, it seems).  Last night I surprised Kevin (I didn’t tell him I was coming home early).  He likes those kind of surprises :)

Now it’s back to the grindstone and piles of laundry.  Always nice coming home, though.


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