Think I’ve finally come to terms with putting my dog down. It was nice sleeping in the past couple of mornings (she’d always bark if we hadn’t taken her out by 7), and cleaning won’t be quite so time consuming without all that hair and nose prints on the windows and spots on the floor when she was in heat (ugh, that’s a mess). I’m able to talk about it now without getting choked up, which is good.

Today we did some outside chores and weeding in the flowers beds. We volunteered to be one of the families which hosts the “round robin” for our church. Nothing like a deadline to help motivate you to get jobs done! Always feels good to get them done, too, because it’s much too easy to procrastinate. Kevin’s finally laying in the sidewalk beside the house, and it’s going to look really nice.

Not much else new. I learned about a new poetry form this week but have yet to try it. It’s called an Ovillejo (I think!) and is much more difficult than it looks. Then again, a form is only difficult if you’re forcing it to be something it doesn’t want to be. I believe once you find the right match of form to content, that it falls together relatively quickly (at least that’s how it’s worked for me, even with the paradelle!). It’s when we try to make something a sonnet that wants to be a triolet (or whatever) that it can get frustrating. Well anyway, I hope to have some time later to write, after a get a few more things around the house done. We’ll see.


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